The Richest Man in Babylon

Reading The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason has had a great impact on how I conduct my life financially. George Clason wrote the book in 1926 from Babylonian parables which he collected from clay tablets. The book gives the insights of financial management, wealth maximization, and securing one’s financial future. The book offers a step by step guide into finding the cure to a lean purse and the five laws of gold.

The Richest Main in Babylon begins with the story of Bansir, who is a chariot maker in Babylon. Bansir laments about the fact that he never seems to make enough money to cater for his family’s needs and luxuries. As such, he seeks out the wise advice of his friend Arkad together with other young men. Arkad started out as a scribe who worked hard on clay tablets until he met Algamish, who was a client for a clay tablet. Upon finding his tablet unfinished, Arkad promised to finish Alagamish’s tablet that night if Algamish promised to tell him the secret to becoming wealthy. They fulfilled each other’s end of the bargain and in this setting, Arkad is passing his lessons to the group of Babylonians.

1. Pay yourself first

This involves saving a certain part of your earnings. The book recommends that you save at least 10% of your earnings before spending in order to start accumulating wealth.

2. Control expenditures

We should live within our means by paying for necessities such as rent and food, paying for entertainment such as holidays, and satisfying our desires. All this should be done without spending more than the remaining 90% of our earnings after savings.

3. Make your money work for you

Investment is a key feature in accumulating wealth.

4. Insurance

Ensure that you gain the necessary knowledge about each investment feature before settling on the most appropriate one for you in order to avoid making losses. This aspect also touches on the insurance of our assets to avoid financial losses in case of unplanned events.

5. Make your home profitable

This aspect deals with owning a home instead of paying rent all our lives for a home that we do not own. It champions mortgages, buying and constructing homes for added financial value due to ownership.

6. Insure a future income

Ensure you put up an appropriate retirement plan in place in order to provide for your needs in your old age.

7. Increase your ability to earn

This aspect advises us to continue learning and gaining new skills. Having knowledge and a variety of skills enhances our chances of earning in several platforms.

The simplicity of the book made it easy to understand the steps leading to ultimate financial transformation. The book remains a timeless classic whose steps are still very useful in this modern day world. For most people, including myself, saving is one of the hardest things to do. I often thought that I would only be able to save money when I earn a lot of money. The book discredits this misconception and goes further to teach us how to make the little money that we have work for us.

The book has helped me further my skill set such as writing to earn extra money and investing in worthwhile ventures such as land. One of the best pieces of advice to follow is that of seeking advice from credible sources. The book is definitely my all time favorite.

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Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

The holocaust was one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th Century. Set in the backdrop of the World War 2, Hitler’s Nazi Germany went on a spree of capturing and killing Jews who they saw as a threat to their national well-being.

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl is one of many accounts from the period. It was written by a young girl who was given a diary on her 13th birthday in June of 1942. She lived in Frankfurt Germany at the time and her family was forced to go into hiding as the Nazi party escalated its antisemitic agenda. Her family ran to Amsterdam where they took refuge for two years. While they were there Anne Frank wrote in her diary about her aspirations and dreams for the future as well as what life was like for her living in the secret annex until the entries suddenly stopped on August 1st 1944. Of the seven people living with Anne Frank in the secret annex in Amsterdam only her father, Otto Frank, survived the war.

Anne Frank’s diary is an example of how art can be an escape from the cruelties of the world. Her writing in this diary was her form of rebellion against a cruel world that did not understand her or her people.The horrible treatment of her people during that time is detailed in her writing and is a testament to why we as humanity can never allow such atrocities to happen again. She shared many inspiring ideas in her diary and the one that stuck the most with me was how she believed that every person, regardless of race, has a right to live free.

The Holocaust is something that I learned about in school but it was always in a detached way. By reading Anne Frank’s diary I was able to gain more wisdom on a horrific event because her first-hand account made me feel the terror of holding your breath in while hiding under floor-boards while Nazi troops marched through the streets. I felt a real connection to those eight hideaways and knowing that they were real people who went through such a difficult two years made my heart heavy.

Throughout the diary Anne Frank comes across as a cheerful person who was able to see the good things in life despite the predicament that she and her family faced. Her eloquent descriptions of the people around her and how they lived is a unique insight into the lives of Jews on the run who lived in constant fear of being shipped off to work camps. Through it all you can see that Anne Frank was still just a regular teenage girl with good and bad qualities who was trying to find her place in the world, something that teenagers deal with even now 70 years later.

Reading this book humbled me and made me more sensitive to the plight of others. I have been blessed to be born into a stable economy where I have the freedom to express myself without the looming threat of armed militants taking me away. There are still people in the world in this day and age who suffer similar plights to what Anne Frank went through and reading her story has galvanized my resolve to make the world a better place for everyone.

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Dream that Lives On

Spoken words are powerful; but not as powerful as written words. Reason being, written words when read, act as a frequent reminder to the subject in matter. Many times, when read, the same words come with a new meaning, a deeper revelation that ringer long, and stay embedded in the brain. One sole reason I love about Modern nonfiction books is the positive impact they have on me.

‘Dream Lives on’ is one of my favorite book. It has melted me, molded me, and filled me with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. In fact, this book has overhauled me, making me live a joy filled life, as I pursue my dreams. Written by Eldwin Mutinda, an upcoming motivation speaker, this book is a must read for anyone with a vision.


The first page is a brief introduction of what a dream is. It speaks of how a dream works in line with your purpose in life. What captures the readers mind is the way this book takes an overview of how a dream translates the results one want to see in life, the place and position one want to occupy in life and how to achieve it. “The excellence and success of your life depends on the quality and excellence of the input of your dream”


Catch the dream- This principle challenged me; it clearly stated that the greatest jeopardy in the life of a person is to live without a dream. Without a dream, one is like a ship without a rudder, without a plan, one is like a traveler in a strange land without compass.

Embrace and speak your dream- Here I get to understand that the beginning of the success of my dream is when I positively embrace it. Embracing and acknowledging a dream is a spring board for one’s dive into the deep of abundance. It talks of positive words, the power in the tongue that gives life to a dream.

Submit to its divine purpose- The divine purpose is the centerline of your dream that will usher you into greatness in the fullness of time.

Pursue your dream- This principle encourages the reader to be active and proactive rather than remaining passive and despondent. What impacted me most in this chapter was the truth that, the view I have of my enemy determines the courage and strength in me. It talks of persistence that refuses to take anything short of victory and fulfillment.

Walk your dream- this talks of focus, and remaining firm.

Develop and maintain an attitude of obedience and humility- I was challenged by the fact that what makes a dreamer great is not the size of his dream, but the way he lives it among the people around him. Dreamers command their influence and power in the lives of others, but without the right virtues such as humility, the dream might come down. Humility wins confidence

Seek counsel from the wise and experienced; Wage war for your dream- A dream that stands the test of time is the dream that is secured with wisdom, counsel and understanding. I get to know as a dreamer who stands before me, who advises me in grave matters of my dream.

Though your dream tarry, it will surely come – the book concludes by encouraging the leader never to loose the 3 pillars of life; faith, hope and love.

This book presented to me principles of keeping my dreams alive, and I am seeing the actualization already!

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Fight Club – a Book Every Man Should Read at Least Once

When I first picked up the book Fight Club I had no idea what was in store for me. Judging by the title, I thought it was this manly book about underground fight clubs, which definitely isn’t something that I have an interest in, but as soon as I started reading it I knew I was way off. Little did I know, Fight Club would turn out to be a piece of art that changed my life. It is anything but a novel about fights. Fight Club is a book that has, in my opinion, defined an entire generation of men and from this perspective, I can honestly say – Fight Club is a book every man should read.

Fight Club – The Book That Changed My Life
Critics and audiences alike, often consider this novel to belong to the transgressive fiction genre, some also consider it a satirical book, but if you ask Chuck Palahniuk, the author of Fight Club, where would he classify his most famous novel, he wouldn’t really have the answer to that question. Palauhnik often says what inspired him to write Fight Club was an altercation he had while camping, which resulted him returning to work on the next Monday, all bruised and beaten up and swollen, but he still remembers vividly how his coworkers avoided asking him about what happened. This, in combination with Palauhnik’s wish to write minimalist prose and use his own painful experiences as an inspiration is what’s manifested itself as, in my opinion, one of the greatest novels of late 20th century.
Fight Club follows the story of an unnamed protagonist, who is also the narrator, struggling with insomnia and depression. His life changes after he meets a man named Tyler Durden. Tyler Durden can also be considered a metaphor – Tyler is, essentially, what every man wants to be. He is the personification of an alpha male; he’s intelligent, he’s brave, he’s self confident. Women love him and men want to be him. Tyler Durden is an anarchist prophet and a genius, an intellectual and a violent maniac – all of that and much more, at the same time. The love and the conflict between Tyler and the narrator are the epicenter of this novel, but it can be said that Fight Club is, essentially a novel about emasculation, but it is also a book that greatly transcends these topics. This novel is also an in-depth analysis of the society we live in, it’s a book about social conditioning, peer pressure, war, life, capitalism, feminism, philosophy, psychology, anarchy. The life and the mind of the modern man have never been described more accurately than in Fight Club. This book captured the imagination of an entire generation of individuals.
The more time passes the more I realize how important this book was and is for me. I read it at probably the lowest, darkest period of my life and it felt as if the author penetrated into my mind, stole my imagination, digested it and poured it on paper. I felt as if the book was written about me. The funny thing is, most men who read this book feels the same. That just proves that Fight Club is indeed a masterpiece and one of the greatest novels of our time.

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The Little Prince

This graceful and beautiful novella is one of the most popular books of French literature, always found in the libraries among children books and despite being old, the feeling of the book is timeless.

If you read it as a child I recommend you read it again as a grown up, it is incredible how the appreciation and perception of the book changes with time. As a child I found it really fun, adventures through the universe with a child friendly language amazed me, and made me dream I was the Little Prince, I played to be him and it lied in my imagination for long time until my childhood ended.

In a moment of nostalgia for my childhood I wanted to read the book again and I was surprised how adult it felt, it went from being a fantastic adventure to become an introspective journey where the universe is the soul, as an adult you become more empathic with the emotions of Le Petit Prince and in can result very moving.

The torment caused by the beloved rose, the isolation and the constant fear and the decision of the little price of traveling the universe for a little peace, I interpreted them as our innocence as a child, where we have no worries and are happy and then when we grow up and become more aware of the exterior and care more about it (the rose) we stop being ourselves and start a journey where we are sad, confused and we are not even sure what we are looking for outside.

In his journey the little prince finds very strange characters, each with a very unique personality, but I felt there was a life lesson behind each one of them and all of them are portrayals of the superficiality, addictions, how the work take over our lives.

Our little friend decides to return home with a new knowledge in part thanks to the Fox, I like the image of the fox since it is a symbol of cleverness and experience.

There is a moment where you realize of the dark shades of the book, invisible to you as a child and very impacting as a grown up, there is a moment where the little prince allows himself to be bitten by a snake in order to get back home, it is literally suicide but the little prince did not die, it is a perfect portray of how the little prince has a new enlightenment, has become more mature and will face life with brand new eyes.

This is a merely subjective view on the book and how it made me feel, however since it is very surrealistic it can be subject of multiple interpretations, actually there are plenty of discussions of what the book it is about, to me, it is about the evolution of the human being from childhood to adulthood and I find somehow magical that my way of seeing the book changed with time, maybe when I am older I will read it again and have completely different feelings towards it.

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