Dream that Lives On

Spoken words are powerful; but not as powerful as written words. Reason being, written words when read, act as a frequent reminder to the subject in matter. Many times, when read, the same words come with a new meaning, a deeper revelation that ringer long, and stay embedded in the brain. One sole reason I love about Modern nonfiction books is the positive impact they have on me.

‘Dream Lives on’ is one of my favorite book. It has melted me, molded me, and filled me with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. In fact, this book has overhauled me, making me live a joy filled life, as I pursue my dreams. Written by Eldwin Mutinda, an upcoming motivation speaker, this book is a must read for anyone with a vision.


The first page is a brief introduction of what a dream is. It speaks of how a dream works in line with your purpose in life. What captures the readers mind is the way this book takes an overview of how a dream translates the results one want to see in life, the place and position one want to occupy in life and how to achieve it. “The excellence and success of your life depends on the quality and excellence of the input of your dream”


Catch the dream- This principle challenged me; it clearly stated that the greatest jeopardy in the life of a person is to live without a dream. Without a dream, one is like a ship without a rudder, without a plan, one is like a traveler in a strange land without compass.

Embrace and speak your dream- Here I get to understand that the beginning of the success of my dream is when I positively embrace it. Embracing and acknowledging a dream is a spring board for one’s dive into the deep of abundance. It talks of positive words, the power in the tongue that gives life to a dream.

Submit to its divine purpose- The divine purpose is the centerline of your dream that will usher you into greatness in the fullness of time.

Pursue your dream- This principle encourages the reader to be active and proactive rather than remaining passive and despondent. What impacted me most in this chapter was the truth that, the view I have of my enemy determines the courage and strength in me. It talks of persistence that refuses to take anything short of victory and fulfillment.

Walk your dream- this talks of focus, and remaining firm.

Develop and maintain an attitude of obedience and humility- I was challenged by the fact that what makes a dreamer great is not the size of his dream, but the way he lives it among the people around him. Dreamers command their influence and power in the lives of others, but without the right virtues such as humility, the dream might come down. Humility wins confidence

Seek counsel from the wise and experienced; Wage war for your dream- A dream that stands the test of time is the dream that is secured with wisdom, counsel and understanding. I get to know as a dreamer who stands before me, who advises me in grave matters of my dream.

Though your dream tarry, it will surely come – the book concludes by encouraging the leader never to loose the 3 pillars of life; faith, hope and love.

This book presented to me principles of keeping my dreams alive, and I am seeing the actualization already!

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