Fight Club – a Book Every Man Should Read at Least Once

When I first picked up the book Fight Club I had no idea what was in store for me. Judging by the title, I thought it was this manly book about underground fight clubs, which definitely isn’t something that I have an interest in, but as soon as I started reading it I knew I was way off. Little did I know, Fight Club would turn out to be a piece of art that changed my life. It is anything but a novel about fights. Fight Club is a book that has, in my opinion, defined an entire generation of men and from this perspective, I can honestly say – Fight Club is a book every man should read.

Fight Club – The Book That Changed My Life
Critics and audiences alike, often consider this novel to belong to the transgressive fiction genre, some also consider it a satirical book, but if you ask Chuck Palahniuk, the author of Fight Club, where would he classify his most famous novel, he wouldn’t really have the answer to that question. Palauhnik often says what inspired him to write Fight Club was an altercation he had while camping, which resulted him returning to work on the next Monday, all bruised and beaten up and swollen, but he still remembers vividly how his coworkers avoided asking him about what happened. This, in combination with Palauhnik’s wish to write minimalist prose and use his own painful experiences as an inspiration is what’s manifested itself as, in my opinion, one of the greatest novels of late 20th century.
Fight Club follows the story of an unnamed protagonist, who is also the narrator, struggling with insomnia and depression. His life changes after he meets a man named Tyler Durden. Tyler Durden can also be considered a metaphor – Tyler is, essentially, what every man wants to be. He is the personification of an alpha male; he’s intelligent, he’s brave, he’s self confident. Women love him and men want to be him. Tyler Durden is an anarchist prophet and a genius, an intellectual and a violent maniac – all of that and much more, at the same time. The love and the conflict between Tyler and the narrator are the epicenter of this novel, but it can be said that Fight Club is, essentially a novel about emasculation, but it is also a book that greatly transcends these topics. This novel is also an in-depth analysis of the society we live in, it’s a book about social conditioning, peer pressure, war, life, capitalism, feminism, philosophy, psychology, anarchy. The life and the mind of the modern man have never been described more accurately than in Fight Club. This book captured the imagination of an entire generation of individuals.
The more time passes the more I realize how important this book was and is for me. I read it at probably the lowest, darkest period of my life and it felt as if the author penetrated into my mind, stole my imagination, digested it and poured it on paper. I felt as if the book was written about me. The funny thing is, most men who read this book feels the same. That just proves that Fight Club is indeed a masterpiece and one of the greatest novels of our time.

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