The Little Prince

This graceful and beautiful novella is one of the most popular books of French literature, always found in the libraries among children books and despite being old, the feeling of the book is timeless.

If you read it as a child I recommend you read it again as a grown up, it is incredible how the appreciation and perception of the book changes with time. As a child I found it really fun, adventures through the universe with a child friendly language amazed me, and made me dream I was the Little Prince, I played to be him and it lied in my imagination for long time until my childhood ended.

In a moment of nostalgia for my childhood I wanted to read the book again and I was surprised how adult it felt, it went from being a fantastic adventure to become an introspective journey where the universe is the soul, as an adult you become more empathic with the emotions of Le Petit Prince and in can result very moving.

The torment caused by the beloved rose, the isolation and the constant fear and the decision of the little price of traveling the universe for a little peace, I interpreted them as our innocence as a child, where we have no worries and are happy and then when we grow up and become more aware of the exterior and care more about it (the rose) we stop being ourselves and start a journey where we are sad, confused and we are not even sure what we are looking for outside.

In his journey the little prince finds very strange characters, each with a very unique personality, but I felt there was a life lesson behind each one of them and all of them are portrayals of the superficiality, addictions, how the work take over our lives.

Our little friend decides to return home with a new knowledge in part thanks to the Fox, I like the image of the fox since it is a symbol of cleverness and experience.

There is a moment where you realize of the dark shades of the book, invisible to you as a child and very impacting as a grown up, there is a moment where the little prince allows himself to be bitten by a snake in order to get back home, it is literally suicide but the little prince did not die, it is a perfect portray of how the little prince has a new enlightenment, has become more mature and will face life with brand new eyes.

This is a merely subjective view on the book and how it made me feel, however since it is very surrealistic it can be subject of multiple interpretations, actually there are plenty of discussions of what the book it is about, to me, it is about the evolution of the human being from childhood to adulthood and I find somehow magical that my way of seeing the book changed with time, maybe when I am older I will read it again and have completely different feelings towards it.

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